The Garrotxa region’s most beautiful villages

10 de February de 2023

Want to visit La Garrotxa’s most beautiful villages? Late September, with the beginning of autumn, is one of the best times to explore this region’s pretty villages and famous scenery, with shades of ochre, yellow and green.

So, to make your visit to this charming place easier, we’ve compiled a list of the Garrotxa region’s most beautiful villages. But first, we’ll share a video to help you get acquainted with its spectacular natural environment.

Want to join us in discovering La Garrotxa’s most beautiful villages?

1. Tortellà

When entering Alta Garrotxa, visitors encounter the village of Tortellà, with its noteworthy modernist buildings, the church of Santa Maria dating from the eighteenth century and the Romanesque bridge of Llierca, which crosses the river that bears its name.

A perfect spot for a quiet stroll through the old town, and a great starting point for excursions to explore the Garrotxa’s most magical landscapes.


2. Castellfollit de la Roca

Castellfollit de la Roca rests atop of a high cliff with the calm of a place not scared of heights. Due to its unusual location, a basaltic cliff around 40 metres high, the village affords stunning, sweeping views of the Garrotxa.

It’s considered one of Catalonia’s smallest towns, and as the popular Catalan saying goes: “Al pot petit hi ha la bona confitura” (“the smaller the jar, the tastier the jam.”) A stroll along its narrow, cobblestone alleys, past the brave, striking houses bordering the cliff, amazes visitors with a magical aura that permeates around this small town.

During your visit, we recommend a stop at the Church of San Salvador and at the viewpoints just before reaching the village for sweeping views of the village over the cliff.

Castellfollit de la roca

3. Besalú

If you’ve yet to visit Besalú, then a trip to this medieval village is a must to see its spectacular fort and old town, transporting visitors back to the Middle Ages.

At the entrance to the village, a towering fortress welcomes travellers, leading them to the town centre. A stroll along its streets means travelling back in time. If you’re visiting during a medieval fair, it will feel like you’re in the 5th century.

In short, Besalú is a must, as it offers one of the best preserved medieval historical and artistic sites in Catalonia, while also home to the remains of the Jewish Baths of Besalú – to date, the only ones discovered in the Iberian Peninsula along with the baths in Girona.


4. Santa Pau

The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Nature Reserve is home to one of the region’s most iconic spots, the village of Santa Pau. Sheltered by the volcanoes of Santa Margarida and Croscat, Santa Pau preserves its medieval essence, as if time had stood still.

We recommend strolling around its alleys and visiting the Santa Pau Castle, which represents the village’s most important medieval site. It’s also easy to visit the Fageda d’en Jordà from here, a forest bursting with magic in the heart of the Garrotxa, which is a stunning place to visit in autumn.

Santa Pau

5. Hostalets d’en Bas

Probably one of the most charming villages in La Garrotxa. Nestled between mountains, forests, and fields, the village of Hostalets d’en Bas is an oasis of peace in a predominantly rural environment. An old town that has been declared a “historical-artistic monument” and has its origins in a small inn, as its name suggests.

It’s a small town, and you’ll soon fall in love after a stroll through its streets.

Hostalets d'en Vas

6. Sant Joan les Fonts

The village of Sant Joan les Fonts lies on the banks of the Fluvià River. A perfect spot for nature lovers and outdoor activities, with several excursions available on foot or by bicycle in the surrounding area.

Sant Joan les Fonts is also home to the Juvinyà castle, dating from the twelfth century, and many other places worth exploring.

Sant Joan de les Fonts

7. Olot

Surrounded by volcanoes, Olot is the capital of the Garrotxa region, home to several secrets that visitors to the area can uncover. Here are some ideas:

Montsacopa, Montolivet, Garrinada and Bisaroques are the four volcanoes surrounding this volcanic village. Just imagine living surrounded by volcanoes! In addition to this miracle of nature, Olot also offers cultural, patrimonial and gastronomic heritage for all tastes. You certainly won’t be disappointed!


8. Beget

Some say that Beget is one of the Catalonia’s most beautiful villages. Girona Campsites encourages you to come and make up your own mind!

Although this village belongs to the Ripollès region, we’ve included it due to its proximity to La Garrotxa, and its location in the area considered Alta Garrotxa. If you choose to visit, take a stroll around its cobblestone alleys, which unveil a village with a perfectly preserved medieval character.

As well as being an extremely beautiful village, several excursions on foot or by bicycle are available in the area.


9. Sant Feliu de Pallerols

Sant Feliu de Pallerols is nestled in the Hostoles Valley, in La Garrotxa Nature Reserve.

Surrounded by lush forests, this village offers its inhabitants and visitors several trails for exploring the area, which, as well as beautiful landscape, is also home to heritage including the church of Sant Feliu de Pallerols dating from the 17th century, the church of San Iscle de Colltort from the 15th century, the church of Santa Cecília, the church of San Miquel del Pinar from the 11th century and lastly, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Font de la Salut, offering stunning views of the Garrotxa landscape.

Sant Feliu de Pallerols

10. Sant Aniol de Finestres

We’ll finish with the village of Sant Aniol de Finestres, a small, quiet spot in La Garrotxa at the beginning of the Llémena Valley.

Home to highlights including the Ventanas Castle and the surrounding villages’ Romanesque churches. This lush forest region is also home to hiking trails for all levels.

Which Garrotxa village you will visit first? We hope this article will help you plan your trip. If you don’t know where to stay, here’s a list of local campsites.

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We specifically recommend 3 campsites that are close to the villages detailed above and La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Nature Reserve.

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