The 10 best places to go swimming in Girona

19 de January de 2023

We all love going to the beach in summer, taking a dip in the swimming pool, or doing other activities to cool off and escape the heat. As well as these options, the Girona region also has another, lesser-known idea up its sleeve, offering the chance to swim at one with nature. Have you heard of these places for inland swimming?

For readers who’ve never visited a gorge, you’ll find natural pools formed in the middle of forests and valleys, created by the passage of rivers and streams. Numerous geological factors are at play here, including gentle slopes, rocky areas, and other features of the land.

The gorges’ waters tend to be cool, which is extremely refreshing. Their location in the heart of nature means rest, relaxation, and unwinding.

Want to go and discover them?

1. Salt del Brull waterfall 

Let’s begin with Salt del Brull, a small waterfall and pool in the Sadernes area, in Alta Garrotxa.

This spot is a wonderful place for a swim, affording magical views of a rocky escarpment and the towering waterfall, which has lots of water at certain times of the year.

How to get to Salt del Brull?

To arrive, walk from the Sadernes car park, along a medium difficulty path. If you like a hike, we recommend gathering your strength because this excursion is worth the effort.

We believe that these natural swimming spots should be visited at least once in a lifetime!

2. Gorg Blau

Continuing in the Sadernes area, we’re going to explore Gorg Blau, one of the most famous natural swimming pools due to its impressive blue water.

Its fame has increased in recent years, so it’s often crowded. Girona Campsites recommends that if you want to visit during high season, arrive early to avoid crowds and enjoy this spot with the calm and tranquillity its beauty deserves.

How to get to Gorg Blau?

As above, the pool can only be accessed on foot. Leave your car in the Sadernes car park. The excursion takes 3 to 5 hours and covers 15 km.

3. Gorg del Molí dels Murris

Leaving the Sadernes area, we head towards Les Planes and the Molí dels Murris natural swimming spot.

A pool surrounded by wild scenery, with abundant vegetation, which conjures up images of the jungle. A fairly large pool, with an area for laying down your towel and sunbathing after a refreshing swim in its cool waters.

How to get to the Molí dels Murris pool?

Access is much simpler than the previous options. Leave your car in the town of Les Planes, near the entrance to the “Carrilet” Greenway. Then you must walk around 40 minutes along a flat, pleasant path until you reach the pool.

4. Gorg de Can Poetí

We continue to Planes d’Hostoles to explore another of the natural swimming spots near the “Carrilet” Greenway, which is worth a mention.

Poza Can Poetí, a large, deep pool surrounded, like the other options, by lush vegetation. Its size means it’s rarely overcrowded. During the summer months, the council imposes a capacity control system to ensure the landscape is not overexploited.

How to get to the Poza de Can Poetí?

As above, park your car in Planes d’Hostoles and follow the “Carrilet” Greenway on foot or by bicycle. It’s close to the town and will take between 5 and 15 minutes.

5. Salenys Gorges

If you’ve read correctly, we said “gorges”, not pools. Although these two phenomena are similar, the difference lies in the fact that the “gorges” are formed in very narrow corridors between rocks, through which the river water circulates.

Girona Campsites recommends visiting this place, where you’re unlikely to enjoy a good swim due to the shallow waters, but visitors will experience a unique environment and an excellent day out for a family adventure, with excursions and an entertaining Via Ferrata.

How to get to les Gorges de Salenys?

Unlike the recommendations above, this spot is near the sea, specifically in the Sant Antoni d’Aro area.

When you arrive, park your car in the old Bell-lloc station car park. From here, access the area on foot or start the Via Ferrata if you’ve booked activity and equipment in advance.

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6. Pozas de Sarrià de Ter

Moving on to the Xuncla Valley, and the village of Sarrià de Ter. This is home to one of the region’s lesser-known natural swimming spots.

Going slightly under the radar, these pools serve up an idyllic location for a peaceful, quiet swim, away from the crowds and with plenty of shade from the trees on the riverbank.

How to get to the Pozas de Sarrià de Ter?

Access to this natural swimming spot area isn’t easy. Head to Sarrià de Dalt and take a path (which isn’t very well signposted) to get there. Ask the local residents for directions to the exact location.

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7. Basses del Borró

Travelling back to Alta Garrotxa, we visit the area near the town of Sales.

The Borró River is mostly an underground river that appears on the surface in the form of the 4 Basses del Borró, four magnificent pools with cool water in a stunning setting.

How to get to Basses del Borró?

We recommend leaving the car in Sales de Llierca and taking the Camino del Borró forest path. You might find a place near the pools, but there’s a risk of it being full, so you may have to turn back.

The first two pools, which are closer to the town, are more accessible. The other pools required more planning to visit. Study the trails to get there, as the path isn’t well signposted.

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8. Poza de les Dones

We’re visiting Maçanet de Cabrenys, to explore the Poza de les Dones, the most accessible natural swimming spot in the region by car, and therefore the best for an excursion with the little ones with its sandy areas for sunbathing and playing to your heart’s content.

This 2-metre-deep pool is the first of many that can be found along the riverbank.

How to get to the Poza de les Dones?

The Poza de les Dones can be visited by car. Enter Farga de l’Olivet in the GPS, which is right next door. After parking, walk a few meters and you’re there!


9. Pozas del Río la Muga

Continuing our unique tour of the best outdoor spots for swimming in the Girona region, we move on to Albanyà, following the course of the Muga River to find the natural pools we’re enjoying so much.

There are several bathing areas, some deeper than others, to cool off in an idyllic setting surrounded by forests with tremendous diversity in terms of plant and animal species.

How to get to the Pozas del Rio la Muga?

Park near the Bassegoda Park Campsite and begin an excursion along a forest trail towards the riverbank.


10. Poza de les Bruixes

Officially known as the Poza de la Malatosca and popularly as the Poza de les Bruixes, due to a legend whereby a midwife helped give birth to a witch in this magical pool (‘Bruixes’ means ‘witches’ in Catalan). This fantastic place is one of the most charming natural swimming pools in the area.

How to get to the Poza de les Bruixes?

The pool is near the village of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, just over 1 km away. Therefore, you can park on the outskirts of the village and visit the pool via a path accessible on foot or by bicycle.


This final natural swimming spot ends our list of the best pools in Girona. What do you think?

The Girona region offers many more natural places for a dip, all special, with their beautiful settings and the magical feeling of swimming in natural, freshwater pools at one with nature.

Before ending, we’d like to warn against getting involved in any risky situations and keep an eye on the environment before taking a dip, as unpredictable dangerous situations can occur and most of the pools don’t have a lifeguard service.

Girona Campsites hopes this post is useful for finding a natural swimming spot to cool off. See you soon, in the next article.

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