Ski resorts in the Girona Pyrenees

The Girona Pyrenees are the very purest essence of the mountains,but what we like most about them is that the Mediterranean air and flair makes them so special and unique. This is because the Girona Pyrenees start no less than at sea level, on the Costa Brava, and rise rock by rock and stone by stone to form mountains and peaks to an altitude of nearly 3,000 metres.

In winter, the Pyrenees become a paradise for snowbirds and adventure sports fans thanks to some of the top ski resorts in Catalonia. So, no sooner than you see the first snowflakes, get ready because that means that the five Girona ski resorts will be in tip-top shape to reward ski buffs a magnificent winter season. And not just skiers, as the Girona ski resorts offer even non-skiers a thousand and one activities to enjoy themselves and have fun in the snow.

The resorts of Girona at the forefront of innovation and constantly better themselves. We can highlight the deployment of new systems that not only make the resort more competitive, but they also improve the user experience that avoid the crowds and long queues at the ticket offices thanks to online purchasing systems, making them more secure and promoting the digital transformation.

Want to learn about all the ski resorts in the Girona Pyrenees? Well, read on because we’ll let you in on everything you need to know.

Esquí Girona
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La Molina Ski Resort

Esquí la Molina
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The Cerdanya region is home to the emblematic ski resort of La Molina, synonymous with snow, history, sports and fun for everyone.

This resort was a pioneer in winter sports, being the first resort in Spain to install a ski lift, way back in 1943. It is also famous for being the venue for host of prestigious events and championships, such as the Alpine World Cup and various snowboard world championships, among many others.

All in all, you will find a 71 kilometres of skiable terrain divided into 68 runs:

For the non-skiing public, the slopes offer a wide variety of areas for having fun in the snow. You can find sledging tracks, snowshoeing route, snow scooters, and two slopes to hurl yourself downhill on board a giant innertube!

In addition to these activities, the resort also offers a wide range of complementary activities so whether you come with friends or family, you will certainly want to combine your skiing days with some of the following ideas: snowmobiles, an adventure park in the trees where the little ones can have fun on the zip-lines, Tarzan jumps and other types of high flying games, Nordic walking excursions and the resort’s latest proposal, the first Escape Room inside a ski resort!

La Molina thus makes an ideal ski resort to visit at any time of the year, thanks to its wide range of activities and magnificent surroundings.

If you would like more information on this resort, you can find it on its website.

Après-ski la Molina
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La Masella ski resort

We continue in La Cerdanya, right alongside La Molina, where this ski slope has a skiable terrain of 74 kilometres divided into a total of 65 runs:

And you know what the best thing is? The slopes of La Molina and La Masella join up to form the Alp 2500 mountain complex, the largest skiable area in the Pyrenees if we add the kilometres of both pistes together.

What’s more, during the winter season, the ski resort of La Masella has become a true landmark, as it offers the possibility of night skiing! A unique and exciting experience, don’t you think?

If you want more information about this resort, you will find it on its website.

Esquí la Masella
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Vall de Núria ski resort

During the winter months, the ski and mountain resort of Vall de Núria, located in the Ripollès region, becomes a welcoming resort with a skiable area of 17 hectares distributed over 11 slopes for different levels and accessible by four ski lifts:

Apart from the alpine ski slopes, the resort also offers different areas adapted for other activities.

The little ones and the not so little will enjoy the fun of sledding down one of the three toboggan runs. For those who like adrenaline, speed and want to test their skills, they can do it on the boardercross trail.

On the other hand, if you are more of an excursionist, in Núria resort you will find up to 5 snowshoeing trails. A fantastic activity to discover one of the most beautiful natural environments in the Catalan Pyrenees.

And finally, at the Vall de Núria ski resort, you can also enjoy one of the star activities of the winter: building an igloo as a family! Do you dare?

If you want more information about this resort, you will find it on its website.

Esquí Vall de Núria
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Ski resort Vall Ter 2000

Located in a unique setting, the landscapes have incomparable beauty in the middle of the glacial cirque of Morens-Ull de Ter, at an altitude of 2,000 metres above the Ter River valley. The ski resort of Vall Ter 2000 is located within the natural park of the Headwaters of the Ter and Freser rivers in the Ripollès region.

This is a family resort, perfect for those who want to take their first steps in alpine skiing and ski mountaineering. Specifically, it has a skiable area of 15 kilometres and 23 pistes:

Apart from the ski slopes, the resort of Vall Ter 2000 also has several marked snowshoeing routes with indications for all the practitioners of this sport.

For the youngest members of the family, the slopes also feature the Play Park where the little ones can go sledging and have fun playing in the snow in complete safety and without having to worry about coexisting with other skiers.

If you would like more information on this resort, you can find it on its website.

Esquí Vall Ter 2000
Source: Òscar Vall

Guils Fontanera Ski Resort

We finish with mentioning the ski resort of Guils Fontanera, a resort specialised in Nordic skiing. Located in the Cerdanya, this resort is undoubtedly a paradise for lovers of this sport from Scandinavia.

In this resort you will find a total of 34 kilometres of slopes suitable for different levels. Guils Fontanera is undoubtedly a paradise for lovers of cross-country skiing, landscape and nature.

In addition to Nordic skiing, this resort offers an incredible opportunity for all those who want to go snowshoeing for beginners, as the marked trails are safe for all practitioners.

Whether you want to go Nordic skiing or snowshoeing, the Guils Fontanera resort offers visitors a spectacular location with views of the peaks and the Cerdanya Valley.

If you would like more information on this resort, you can find it on its website.

Esquí Guils Fontanera
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Ski rental in the Pyrenees

If you don’t have the necessary equipment for alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or sledging, don’t worry about a thing. The ski slopes of the Girona Pyrenees have ski equipment rental establishments, along with all the safety equipment needed to do this sport safely.

Apart from ski rental shops on the slopes, you can also find shops in the nearby villages that rent equipment. So, if you want to do this sport and you don’t have any equipment, you can do so without any problems.

The ski slopes and the Girona Pyrenees beyond the winter season

As we have already mentioned, the fun at the resorts of the Girona Pyrenees does not end when the snow melts. Here are just some of the activities to do out off-season:

And if that’s not enough, area surrounding the Girona resorts offers you everything you could possibly want to do: cultural heritage from Romanesque architecture to medieval villages that will take you back in time; unique gastronomy that blends the sea and the mountains in a way that nobody else knows how; woods with unique characteristics where you can reconnect with your inner self through forest baths; and you can even visit the only vineyard in the Pyrenees!

La Vall de Núria
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Accommodation close to the slopes

Finding accommodation close to the ski slopes is not always an easy task. However, some campsites in Girona are located very close to the ski slopes of the Girona Pyrenees, which makes it easier for skiers to move around easily without having to travel too far a distance, as well as having all comforts and services of the campsites.

Close to the ski resort of La Molina, La Masella and Guils Fontanera, you will find Camping Pirineus, a mountain campsite with full services for skiers and non-skiers alike to enjoy the ski resorts and beauty of the Cerdanya Valley. It also has all kinds of services that will undoubtedly make you feel right at home.

On the other hand, the Ripollès region offers a campsite nearby the Vall Ter 2000 ski resort. This is the Camping Pirinenc,a campsite surrounded by nature with all the necessary comforts and services that will keep you close to the snow.

At the end of this article, you will find the details on each campsite.

Source: Càmping Pirineus

The weather in the Pyrenees

If you are thinking of going skiing in the Girona Pyrenees, you should make sure that the weather forecast will be optimal for doing this sport. And if you’re a bit of an expert, you’ll have to make sure of the quality of the snow.

This is why we at Campings de Girona provide you with the 7-day weather forecast for the Pyrenees, so that you can get an idea of what you’ll find there. You can see it at this link.

Finally, we remind you that mountain weather is very unstable, so therefore be cautious and take a look at the forecast for the specific spot where you want to do winter sports.

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