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Cala Montjoi

Like many of the beaches in Cap de Creus, Cala Montjoi, located near the town of Roses, is a beautiful unspoilt cove. Sheltered by three hills, it has abundant vegetation and turquoise waters that create a picturesque landscape reflecting the authentic nature of the Costa Brava.

The terrain of the area surrounding Cala Montjoi is ideal for bathers and the boats that anchor there, as the imposing Cap Norfeu protects the beach from the northern winds and storms. If you decide to go there, you’ll find an average-sized cove (almost 300 metres long), coarse-grained sand, transparent waters and a seabed full of life.

In short, it’s well worth spending the day at the Cala Montjoi cove!

Cala Montjoi

Features and services – Cala Montjoi

Many people consider it to be one of the most beautiful coves in the area of Roses, which is why it’s usually a very crowded beach during the summer. Càmpings de Girona therefore advises you that if you want to spend a few hours at Cala Montjoi in the middle of summer, you should do so early in the morning or in the late evening to find room to spread your towel out.

Its privileged location, far away from civilisation, gives Cala Montjoi a wild appearance. Not just on the surface, as the seabed is full of life and an amazing place for admiring numerous marine species. It will therefore come as no surprise to see divers and snorkellers in the cove’s waters.

At Cala Montjoi you’ll find certain services for bathers, including toilets, showers, a lifeguard service and sunbeds and parasols for hire. At the entrance to the beach you’ll also see the Cala Montjoi Campsite with a bar and different kinds of accommodation.

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Eating at Cala Montjoi

If you want to have lunch or dinner at Cala Montjoi, you can do so at the Cala Montjoi beach bar, located right beside the entrance to the beach. It’s highly recommended, so book a table if you can. You can also eat at the establishments in the nearby coves, such as the Pelosa and Cala Joncols beach bars.

If you don’t want to eat at any of the bars, you can always make a nice sandwich or a fresh snack for yourself.

Aquatic activities

Cala Montjoi is a paradise for lovers of water activities and sports. On the beach you can hire a kayak or paddle board, ideal options for discovering the surrounding area and taking in the dramatic cliffs around the cove.

The “Ciudad de Vacaciones” Cala Montjoi campsite also hosts the Montjoi Diving Centre, which offers courses for all levels and guided tours that will enable you to discover the underwater beauty of the Bay of Roses.

The Cala Montjoi Campsite

“Ciudad de Vacaciones Cala Monjoi” is the name of the campsite that’s at the foot of Cala Montjoi. Located in the spectacular setting of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, seven kilometres from the town of Roses and next to the beach, this campsite is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who are looking for a holiday in the wonderful setting of Cala Montjoi.

As we mentioned above, the campsite offers all kinds of accommodation, services and activities to ensure its guests enjoy a wonderful stay. It’s also renowned for having a diving centre to complement the campers’ stays, including a fantastic journey to the marine universe of Cap de Creus. 

Do you think this is the campsite you were looking for? You’ll find more information on the Cala Montjoi campsite here.

El Bulli Cala Monjoi

One feature we should highlight in the area around Cala Montjoi is the El Bulli Foundation, the culinary centre that retains the essence of the famous El Bulli restaurant owned by the chef Ferran Adrià and where they reflect on issues of gastronomic innovation.

Although access isn’t open to the general public, it’s interesting to note how such a renowned chef has chosen Cala Monjoi as a place for inspiration and reflection. 

El Bulli

Where to park at Cala Montjoi

Parking beside the coves on the Costa Brava is always a challenging task, with the small car parks, difficult to reach locations and numerous bathers eager to enjoy the beaches in the area.

As usual, we recommend avoiding the rush hours when you’re looking for somewhere to park. At Cala Montjoi you can park in the areas set up along the road or in the parking areas that open in the summer months.

If you want to avoid having to queue and save time, one of the best ways of getting to the beach is by using the bus service.

How to get to Cala Montjoi

You can get there by car; drive towards Roses and, once you reach the town, take the GI-614 road. As we said above, parking isn’t always easy, so it’s better to get there early.

You can also get there by using the bus service provided by Roses Town Council that goes past all the coves and beaches in the area. This is one of the best ways of getting there, as you won’t have to look for a place to park once you reach the cove. You can view the timetables at the tourist information office in Roses.

The weather at Cala Montjoi

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