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When we think about going camping, we often imagine a tent in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees and birdsong. However, today’s campsites have evolved far beyond this traditional image. Campsites in Girona offer a wide variety of activities that guarantee fun and entertainment without the need to leave the premises. From tennis and paddle courts to nightclubs and gyms, here are ten activities (and more!) you can enjoy without leaving the campsite.

Tennis and Paddle Courts

For sports lovers, many campsites in Girona have modern tennis and paddle courts. These sports are ideal for staying active during your vacation. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, it’s always a good time to improve your serve or learn the basics. Additionally, some campsites offer lessons and tournaments, adding a touch of competitiveness and fun to your stay.

Camping La Ballena Alegre is a notable example, with several courts available and the option to rent the necessary equipment. Here, you can enjoy a game while feeling the Mediterranean breeze.

Horse Riding and Horseback Tours

Horse riding is another popular activity at various campsites in Girona. Horseback tours not only provide an excellent way to connect with nature but also offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Camping Les Medes, near L’Estartit, offers horseback tours around the area, allowing you to explore the natural beauty of the region from a different perspective. This activity is perfect for all ages and experience levels.

Nightclubs and Night Entertainment

For those looking for some nighttime fun, many campsites in Girona have their own nightclubs and bars. These facilities are designed to provide a safe and lively environment where guests can dance and socialize.

At Camping Cala Llevadó, for example, the nightclub is a popular meeting point for campers. With live music, DJs, and various themes, the nights here are always memorable.

Gyms and Fitness Classes

Staying fit during your vacation is easy thanks to the well-equipped gyms offered by several campsites in the region. In addition to machines and weights, many campsites organize yoga, Pilates, and other group activities.

At Camping Bassegoda Park, you can enjoy a complete gym as well as guided activities that help you maintain your exercise routine or even start a new discipline.

Pools and Water Parks

Pools are almost a requirement at any modern campsite, and many of them take this feature a step further with the inclusion of slides, lazy rivers, and other water attractions.

Camping el Delfín Verde, for example, has a water park that includes several pools and slides, ensuring fun for the whole family. Spending the day under the sun and splashing in the water is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the good weather.

Water Activities

In addition to pools, many campsites in Girona offer access to water activities such as kayaking, paddle surfing, and snorkeling. These activities are ideal for those seeking a dose of adventure and enjoying the nearby sea or lakes.

Camping Las Dunas is located right next to the beach, offering a variety of water sports. You can sign up for windsurfing, kitesurfing, skimboarding, paddle surfing, light sailing, and SUP yoga courses.

Hiking and Cycling Routes

Girona is famous for its natural landscapes, and many campsites are located in places that offer direct access to hiking and cycling routes. These routes are perfect for exploring the surroundings at your own pace and enjoying the local flora and fauna.

Camping Vall de Camprodon provides maps and guides for various hiking and cycling routes, adapted to different difficulty levels. It’s a perfect opportunity for nature and adventure lovers.

Activities for Children

Campsites in Girona are very family-friendly and offer a wide range of activities designed specifically for the little ones. From playgrounds to kids’ clubs with qualified staff, there are many options to keep children entertained.

At Camping Interpals, for example, children can enjoy workshops, organized games, and shows. These activities are not only fun but also offer the chance to make new friends and learn new things.

Restaurants and Local Cuisine

Enjoying the local cuisine is an essential part of any camping experience. Many campsites in Girona have restaurants that offer traditional Catalan dishes as well as international options.

At Camping Cala Montgó, you can savor delicious seafood and fresh fish dishes, accompanied by a glass of local wine. Good food is part of the experience, and many campsites ensure that guests can enjoy the best local cuisine without leaving the premises.

Events and Shows

Finally, many campsites organize regular events and shows for their guests’ enjoyment. These can include outdoor movie nights, magic shows, concerts, and more.

Camping La Masia, for example, has a varied entertainment program that includes live performances and themed activities. These events are an excellent way to enjoy the evening in a lively, community-oriented atmosphere.

And… Much More!

In addition to the ten activities mentioned, many campsites in Girona offer other leisure options worth mentioning:

Campsites in Girona have evolved to offer a complete experience that goes far beyond simply setting up a tent. With a wide range of sports, leisure, and entertainment activities, there is something for everyone, regardless of age or interests. So the next time you plan a camping vacation, consider one of the many campsites in Girona and get ready to enjoy everything they have to offer without even leaving the premises. Fun is guaranteed!