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Best Camping Stories

13 de February de 2024

Last October we did a raffle with the objective of getting anecdotes that have happened to you while camping. In this post we have put together a compilation with some of the funniest stories we received, do any of them sound familiar to you? Do you feel identified with any of these stories?

“In 1985, we got lost, took a wrong turn and ended up at Camping Nautic Almata. That summer, my son learned to windsurf. It became a passion and we’ve returned just about every year since.  The son lives in Australia, still passionate about windsurfing. His daughter, our granddaughter, Charlotte Wormald, this year represents Australia Youth Sailing in foil windsurfing at The Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands. All because we took a wrong turn and found the campsite!”

Patricia W.

“I was with my family and right next to our bungalow there was a pregnant woman whose water broke in front of us!!!”

Paula R.

“Once when I was little, when we were returning to the tent, we went to the wrong tent and we went to sleep in another one, just like it, and my parents spent an hour looking for us until they found us thanks to the fact that the tenant of the tent arrived and told us that we had made a mistake.” .”

Angel C.

“We met an amazing family 6 years ago and now they are godparents to our daughters!”

Lorna C.

“I got a week’s stay at a campsite in Empuriabrava in a raffle they held for health workers due to the Covid 19 situation, 2 years ago. My son and I went to escape from the whole past situation and above all to relax and forget about that nightmare. Since then, in tribute to that week that I needed so much, we are going to a campsite on the same dates to celebrate rest and health!!”

Natalia D.

“I was at a campsite all afternoon looking for my 6-year-old son and it turned out that he was inside another caravan with another child watching TV.”

Justo G.

“He asked me to marry him at a campsite. For the honeymoon, we want to do a camping route.”

Emma F.

“My daughter was studying abroad and I went to visit her at the end of November. We spent four days camping together. It was cold but at night, well wrapped up, we dined outdoors and stayed chatting for hours and hours under the stars, warming our hands with hot tea… When we are at home we don’t have time for these long, relaxed conversations! “They were very special days that we will never forget and that forever changed our mother-daughter relationship.”

Agnes R.

“My daughter asked me to accompany her to pick up some second-hand furniture that she had bought. The pick-up site was in a campsite bungalow. It was all a lie, when I arrived there was the whole family waiting for me to celebrate my birthday and spend the weekend together in a wooden bungalow. “An unforgettable gift.”

Mayte P.

“We went to a campsite where there is an astronomical observatory next door. The next night, our daughter wanted to go and as a result she discovered that her passion was astrophysics. From there we hope that the career she will start in Physics this year goes very well…”

Josep Lluís Y.

“The first time I went camping with a girl we were starting to date, we had a storm that caused the water to pass through the zipper of the Canadian tent. After that night I thought: she won’t come back from camping… That’s been a while ago. 41 years and now we go with our grandchildren.”

Jordi G.

“Summer of ’93. At that time, I, a 17-year-old girl, would live one of my best summers, in fact that summer would mark the rest of my life… but I still didn’t know it then. I met Carles a year before and we began to be friends, in fact, he became my best friend. So that summer we convinced our parents to spend a weekend at a campsite next to the beach. It was a great idea! It was Saturday morning and it was a spectacular day, lots of sun and we were both excited to think that for the first time we would spend a weekend together. Logically we enjoyed the beach, the swimming pool, the tennis courts, the open-air cinema (in different languages, something also new for me) and my first time in a discotheque (on the campsite itself). Well, a few years later Carles and I went from being best friends to being boyfriends and in 1997 to getting married. In fact, it has been 26 years now and it was precisely our children, aged 22 and 19, who encouraged us to write our story to you, in which our first vacation together in a WONDERFUL CAMPING PLACE had a lot to do with it.”

Desiré A.

You too have countless unforgettable stories to tell about your camping holiday. Find the campsite where you will live your next adventure and experience the best anecdotes!

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