Top 5 secret coves of the Costa Brava

27 de July de 2023

The Costa Brava, with its impressive coastline that stretches along the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, is a dream destination for lovers of the sea and nature. Although some of its most popular beaches can be packed with tourists in high season, those looking for a more intimate and authentic experience should venture out in search of the secret coves that dot this wild and rugged coastline.

The magic of the secret coves

The secret coves of the Costa Brava are like hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered by the most intrepid travelers. These small and picturesque inlets offer a different experience to the more crowded beaches. Access to some of these coves can be somewhat challenging, often requiring hikes through rugged trails or even small boats, but the rewards are well worth it: crystal clear waters, utter tranquility, and the feeling of having found a secret corner in the middle of the sea. of the nature.


Cala Jugadora is one of those places where geology is perhaps the feature that stands out the most from the landscape, perhaps above the beauty of the vegetation. It is located in the easternmost part of Cap de Creus, at a southern end that protects it from the strong north wind, the Tramuntana, which often blows in the Alt Empordà. It is an authentic underwater jewel highly appreciated by divers, since it inhabits an important colony of Posidonias in the form of a forest. The simple practice of snorkeling will provide great moments of enjoyment for the visitor, so don’t forget to bring some goggles and a tube when you visit this beautiful corner.

Cala Jugadora


If you are looking for a naturist cove on the Costa Brava, this is yours. Away from the madding crowd and virgin, Cala Nans is perfect to spend the day and why not the summer.

One of the ways to get to know it is through the hiking trail that starts from the Cala Nans lighthouse. From it you can see beautiful views of Cadaqués and Port Lligat, the town where Dalí and Gala lived, and where you can currently visit their house-museum. The route is about 6 km (one hour) and is suitable for families.

Cala Nans


Another cove worth mentioning is Cala Pedrosa, located in the Montgrí Natural Park, near L’Estartit. This cove is a true paradise for diving lovers, thanks to its crystal clear waters and its rich marine life. Access can be a bit trickier, requiring a hike via a coastal path, but the solitude and serenity you’ll find here is unmatched.

Cala Pedrosa


One of the most precious hidden jewels of the Costa Brava is Cala del Crit. Located between Palamós and Calella de Palafrugell, this cove is a haven of peace surrounded by cliffs and exuberant vegetation. Its access is via a path that gently descends, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean as you approach the beach. La Cala del Crit is perfect for an afternoon of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach, away from the bustle of the crowds.

Cala del Crit


Of all the coves you will visit on the Costa Brava, this will possibly be your favourite, because it is difficult for nature to endow any other place with more beauty. Cala Futadera is located 6 km from the urban center of Tossa de Mar and you can only get there on foot or by boat. Perhaps this is the reason why it is a quiet and peaceful place.

Cala Futadera

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