9 kayaking trips in the Costa Brava

2 de March de 2023

Are you a fan of water sports and the sea? For visitors to the Costa Brava, kayaking is the perfect sport to combine these two passions. Kayaking is not only a summer sport. With the right equipment and the required knowledge, you can have fun all year round.

Kayaking in the Costa Brava

Kayaking in the Costa Brava is synonymous with paddlingwatching, and exploring.

Kayaking trips in the Costa Brava will reveal the Girona coastline’s best kept treasures, only accessible in small boats, kayaks or by swimming.

Therefore, kayaking in the Costa Brava is a special treat for the most adventurous and intrepid visitors. Just imagine sailing between towering, rugged cliffs, exploring caves, and discovering heavenly coves off the beaten track! Kayaking makes this possible. Girona Campsites recommends 9 kayaking trips for enjoying this wonderful sport.

1. Kayaking in the Medes Islands

When you hear the name ‘Medes Islands’, what images come to mind? We think of tales of pirates, wild landscapes, seabeds bursting with life, and a stunning nature reserve. If you fancy a kayaking trip to the Medes Islands, we recommend departing from Estartit beach and paddling in a straight line until you reach the islands. Once there, you can explore to your heart’s content.

Place: Estartit

Length: 2-3 hours

Level: Low

Illes Medes

2. Kayaking in the Formigues Islands

On the subject of islands, let’s look at the Formigues Islands. A kayaking trip to the Formigues Islands takes visitors along the coast of Palamós, passing by la Foradada, el Seniar, Cala Canyers, Cala Corbs, and Cala Estreta, all iconic regional highlights. When you reach the Formigues Islands, put on your goggles and snorkel to fully experience everything the area has to offer. The seabed is extremely impressive!

Place: Palamós

Length: Half day (4-5 hours)

Level: Medium

3. Kayaking in the Cap de Creus Nature Reserve

Cap de Creus is one of the Costa Brava’s most unique landscapes, with rugged cliffs, vegetation, and an exceptional seabed, which viewed from the sea, create a stunning experience. Depart by kayak from Roses, Cadaqués or Llançà to quickly enter the waters of this beautiful spot.

Place: Cadaqués, Roses or Llançà

Length: 2-4 hours (Depending on the itinerary)

Level: Medium – Difficult

4. Kayaking in the Gispert Cave

Between the Aiguablava and Aiguaxelida coves, one of the Costa Brava’s wildest caves is hidden. It’s the deepest cave, and you can watch the sunrise from the inside. It’s difficult to access. Entrance is only possible in a kayak or swimming, therefore it’s the perfect destination for a kayaking excursion. Want to take the plunge and discover it?

Place: Begur

Length: 5 hours

Level: Medium-Difficult

5. Kayaking at Platja d’Aro

The Baix Empordà has a coastline full of gems, fantastic for kayaking trips and exploring. Follow the coastal path to Sagaró, the wild cliffs between Platja d’Aro and Sant Feliu de Guíxols, or the beautiful coves on the way to Palamós. Lots of trips and so many places to discover! Are you in?

Place: Platja d’Aro

Length: 2-6 hours (Depending on the itinerary)

Level: Easy-Difficult

6. Kayaking at the Montgó cove

An exciting kayaking trip in l’Escala! Montgó is one of the region’s most iconic coves. Depart in a kayak from the sandy beach, paddle along cliffs with abundant vegetation, and discover hidden coves and caves that are only accessible by kayak. If you fancy a longer kayaking excursion, you can go as far as a La Foradada, an incredibly beautiful cave.

Place: L’Escala – Torroella de Montgrí

Length: 5 hours

Level: Difficult

7. Kayaking in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has many secrets to uncover, and a kayaking trip is a great option for exploring the area. A trip along the local coastline reveals hidden coves, steep cliffs, and spectacular caves. A place to paddle all day long! Kayak rental facilities can be found along Lloret de Mar’s beaches.

Place: Lloret de Mar

Length: 2-3 hours

Level: Easy

8. Kayaking in Caramany Island

Imagine sailing the last stretch of a river? This is possible in the Costa Brava, at the mouth of the Fluvià. Start this kayaking trip at the Sant Pere Pescador Marine Resort, and paddle out to discover the fauna, flora, and geological processes of the last stretch of the river. You can also sail around Caramany Island, a river island.

Place: Sant Pere Pescador

Length: 2-3 hours

Level: Easy

9. Kayaking in the Boadella reservoir

We move away from the coastline to go inland and visit the Boadella reservoir in Darnius, Alt Empordà. This reservoir of more than 100 hectares is a fantastic spot for a relaxing kayaking excursion, enjoying the pretty scenery and nature. The lack of waves makes this itinerary relatively easy and suitable for all levels. Kayak rental facilities can be found by the reservoir.

Place: Darnius

Length: 2 hours

Level: Easy

Source: Consorci Salines Bassegoda

Kayak rental in the Costa Brava

If you’re a kayaking fan, you might already have everything you need to get on the water and start paddling. But if this isn’t the case, we recommend visiting a kayak rental centre, to get kitted out with all the equipment required for a successful trip.

Kayak rental centres can be found on the beaches of the Costa Brava or in the inland villages. If you fancy a trip, book in advance and ask about the weather forecast and sea conditions before hitting the water.

If you’re not an expert and are planning a longer excursion, we strongly recommend hiring a local guide, who as well as helping with everything you need, will explain the secrets of each spot you visit. Unique experiences such as Enokayak, a wonderful combination of sport, landscape and Empordà wine, are also available.

Have you enjoyed 9 kayaking trips in the Costa Brava?

Now, you just need to choose one and wait for an ideal day to enjoy a water-based adventure on the Girona coastline! Want further recommendations on similar topics? Then explore the sports and adventure section of the Inspírate blog.

As always, we want you to get out and enjoy nature, and respect the beautiful local environment. If you’re sailing and find plastics or other waste in the sea, please help to keep the environment clean by picking it up and disposing of it.

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