Activities to do in the Pyrenees

16 de February de 2023

The Girona Pyrenees have played a major role in Catalan culture and traditions for centuries. Peaks rising over 2,000 metres, postcard-perfect valleys, villages over a thousand years old, and multiple protected nature reserves form a mountain range in the regions of La Garrotxa, El Ripollès and La Cerdanya. Locals have a close relationship with this natural environment in the Pyrenees, which is clear when visiting the small mountain villages retaining the exact same layout as centuries ago. This strong link is also evident through the practice of mountain sports such as skiing, which still follow ancient trails and paths formerly used for, among other things, smuggling.

This part of the northern Girona province separates France and Catalonia and is currently one of the most popular destinations for local and international visitors. The omnipresent calm perfectly complements a landscape that is quite exquisite, to borrow a culinary term. The Pyrenees dishes up a “menu” with a wide range of products: from rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, to mountains, vegetation, and snow. Winter is great for snow sports and summer is ideal for cycling or hiking in extremely pleasant temperatures.

This post aims to provide a list of some of the best activities available in the Girona Pyrenees, so you can plan what will be the holiday of a lifetime.

To get things ready, and continuing with the gastronomic theme, we’ll split the menu of activities into a starter and main, or winter and summer. So, let’s get started:

First and foremost, we’re going to have fun: skiing! The Girona Pyrenees has over 170km of skiable terrain divided into 4 different ski resorts (La Molina, La Masella, Vall-Ter 2000 and Vall de Núria). The 4 resorts are certified as “family tourism destinations” and are therefore excellent options for a family holiday.
These ski resorts take visitors to places otherwise impossible to visit. The top of the slopes offers stunning views of the Pyrenees, and skiing or snowboarding down the mountainside is a wonderful way to spend the day. Click this link to access the stations’ websites with all the information you need.

Hiking with snowshoes: an extremely entertaining and healthy way to explore the Pyrenees is using snowshoes. No prior experience is required, although you need to be physically ready!
The Guils-Fontanera Nordic ski resort specialises in this sport and will provide everything you need: from equipment rental to a guide, as well as a wide range recommendations and information.
We suggest the trip from Queralbs – Núria sanctuary. The excursion is just over 7km and takes around 4 hours. You’ll encounter waterfalls, bridges and all on snow! Kids will love it!

Still got some energy left? Room for some more? Let’s hope so because we’re just getting started. Come on, time for the main course:

For cycling fans, we recommend a couple of stunning trips on bike for the hot summer months. We’ve chosen these two because there’s a common theme: water and the chance to take a dip!
The first is in Merages, in the Cerdanya Valley. The trip around the lake is approximately 3 km, so it’s easy even for children! The views are beautiful!
The second option is a lap of the Banyoles reservoir. Did you know that the locals don’t like calling it a lake? A lap of the water is around 6.5 km, either on foot or by bike. The reservoir was the venue for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and you can swim there!

Now for the second summer option, comprising two activities. The first is a visit to the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Nature Reserve. This region is home to over 40 volcanic craters, creating a landscape reminiscent of the moon! Visitors can walk in several of these craters and witness the unique, abundant vegetation there, which is extremely impressive! Furthermore, due to the area’s volcanic shift millions of years ago, La Fageda d’en Jordà beech forest has appeared, a tremendously beautiful natural landscape with stunning flora and fauna.
After visiting the volcanic area, we’ll spend the afternoon in the medieval village of Besalú, just 20 minutes away by car. This is home to one of the most famous Romanesque bridges in the country, the setting for numerous films every year. Visitors travel back in time with a stroll around the old town and the narrow streets, with their thick walls ensuring cool summer temperatures.

No matter where you are and whatever the season, there’s always the option of travelling up into the Pyrenees and doing some of these activities. These are just some of the many options available. To learn more, follow us on social media where, along with INSPIRA’T, we’ll keep you up to date with all the options at the Girona Campsites.

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