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What to do in La Garrotxa with children

27 de January de 2023

When we travel with children, we want to make sure they have fun and we do everything we can to provide them with experiences that will create the best memories. We want them to live the stories they will tell for the rest of their lives!

When visiting Girona, there are plenty of things to do with kids: boat trips, kayaking, activities in the mountains… And everything is located at a short distance from anywhere you are spending your camping holidays in the destination.

If there is one area that represents the best scenario to amaze kids, this is La Garrotxa. Is there anything more amazing for kids than – not only visiting a volcano, but – walking inside a volcano crater? Or becoming a knight in the most movie-like medieval town? Or finally being a farmer with real animals!

La Garrotxa, located in the north of Girona, is a beautiful region with amazing landscapes and a wide variety of outdoor activities, cultural attractions and beautiful villages. Exploring the area with children is already an unforgettable experience, but here are some ideas to make your next holidays a dream come true:

  1. Like dinosaurs: among volcanoes!

Volcanoes were part of any landscape when our friends the dinosaurs inhabited the Earth. They are still among us (the volcanoes, not the dinosaurs!) and luckily most of them are not active and can be visited.

La Garrotxa is also called the land of volcanoes, as the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is home to more than 40 volcanic cones and lava flows. The park offers stunning views and exciting hiking trails for families, and kids will love exploring the volcanic rocks and learning about the geology of the area.

The natural park is very accessible to visit with kids of all ages, and some locations are truly unique. The crater of the Santa Margarida volcano hosts a hermitage in its center, which offers a very spectacular view when you approach it. The feeling of walking inside a crater is something we don’t get to do everyday, so the easy 30 minute walk up there is really worth it for all the family.

Another amazing volcano to visit is the Croscat. Its horseshoe shape lets us see the inside of a volcano, and the path in its interior resembles a lunar landscape.

BONUS IDEA: Visit the volcanoes by train! A reproduction of the old train that did the route Girona – Olot, this train is like a drawing come to life. And it’s a very original way to visit the area!

Volcano Croscat
  1. Across the forest, the old way: on a horse carriage

Visiting a forest can be an incredible adventure. Here is an idea that children will love: a visit to the Fageda d’en Jordà on a horse carriage.

The Fageda d’en Jordà is a beech forest that grows on the lava flow from the Croscat volcano. It’s a magical place for kids to explore, a fairy tale scenario with winding paths and twisted trees. You can hike or bike through the forest, but for sure the most special way through the forest is the old way: on a horse carriage.

  1. Be a farmer for a day

If your kids are animal lovers, this is an activity that they will never forget: they will get to be -real- farmers for a day!

It is a fun and educational way to discover the region and spend a great day with the family. There are different places where you can visit the farm and do activities in contact with the animals and the farmers, like La Fageda in Santa Pau, near Olot, or Mas La Coromina in La Vall d’en Bas.

  1. A dream come true: Fly on a hot air balloon

This is a once in a lifetime experience. For those with brave children, not afraid of heights, and wishing to spend a day to remember, flying over the Garrotxa area on a hot air balloon is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The region’s natural beauty is even more impressive from the air, and your children (and all of you!) will love seeing the landscape from a different perspective.

Fly on a hot air balloon
  1. Become a knight in a medieval town

If you ever wondered what it feels like to travel back in time, you can experience it by going to Besalú. This medieval town welcomes visitors with an impressive bridge that has become one of the most photogenic spots of the area. The stone houses, narrow streets and fortified walls and towers make this town the perfect spot for a walk full of history and culture. And children will feel like they are real knights defending their fortress! Leave some time for a visit to the Jewish baths, one of the best-preserved medieval baths in Europe!

Medieval town Besalú
  1. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Circus!

Going to the circus is a safe bet if you want to have fun with the family. It’s a pity that  there is not a circus every day in every town, but there is something very special you can do instead: visit a circus museum!

The Circus Museum of Catalonia, located in the medieval town of Besalú, houses a collection of over 6,000 pieces related to the circus: posters, photographs, costumes, makeup…

The museum hosts workshops and educational activities for children and families, so it’s worth keeping it in mind if you are planning to spend a fun day with the little ones!

  1. Better than a tree house: a tree town!

It is every kid’s dream to have a tree house. In La Garrotxa dreams do come true, and there are lots of trees, so one can expect to see some tree houses. What nobody will expect is to visit a… tree town!

The Garrell Park, also known as “Les Cabanes d’Argelaguer” is not easy to describe, so you’d better discover it by yourself. Made of wood and left-over materials, this creation of the artist Garrell can be considered both an amazing park or a piece of “land art”.

Discover the charms of La Garrotxa on your next vacation. The campsites of La Garrotxa offer you the opportunity to enjoy nature, tranquility and family enjoyment. Discover the beauty of its unique landscapes and its villages full of history while creating unforgettable memories. Book your stay in a campsite in La Garrotxa now!

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