Golf in Girona province

26 de January de 2023

If you’ve visited Girona, you’ll understand that one of the region’s main attractions is the proximity of greatly contrasting landscapes: beach and mountains. Girona’s uniqueness stems from this masterful combination of mountain and coastal scenery. In a short distance, visitors travel from high mountains (the Pyrenees) to quiet Mediterranean coves (the Costa Brava).

This picture-perfect environment is only possible in a glorious Mediterranean climate, with over 300 days of sunshine a year and more than 80% of days being sunny in summer. This perfect combination of sea and mountain is encapsulated in Girona’s more than 25 golf courses and Pitch & Putts, which merge the region’s three most iconic factors: sand, water, and grass. In other words: bunkers, lakes, and greens.

A bird’s eye view of Girona’s golf courses would reveal a vivid microcosm of the landscape of the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. And this is certainly possible! Continue reading for a list of the region’s main golf courses and Pitch & Putts. Find out which ones are closest to your campsite.
Let’s start with those of you who are seasoned veterans and will be at home on the major courses. Girona’s leading golf courses are listed below:

Girona province is home to Spain’s best golf course, which regularly hosts European Tour golf tournaments. The PGA Catalunya has two different 18-hole courses (the Stadium and the Tour). This first course is the 88th best course in the world, the third best in Europe and the best in Spain! A golfing masterpiece just 10 minutes from the city of Girona and around 20 minutes from the closest Costa Brava beaches. Don’t worry about this level of prestige: you’ll enjoy it like a kid in a candy store! Want further information about this course? Find out more here.

The TorreMirona Golf Club course appeals to both technical players and golfers seeking a more relaxing round. The flagship hole is number 5, with a green fully surrounded by water. To make matters worse, it’s a par 3!
The first 9 holes are harder, with narrow fairways and greens with a steep drop. However, the back 9 is easier, with wider fairways and friendlier greens.
Facilities are in the town of Navata, near Figueres. The course also offers stunning views of both the Pyrenees and the Roses Bay. For further information click here.

In a ranking compiled by the “Peugeot” magazine of the world’s 1,000 best courses, the Empordà Golf Club featured as one of the 10 best courses in Spain. In the heart of the Costa Brava, the shadows of the Montgrí mountain and castle, and alongside the beaches of Pals, there are three 18-hole courses on offer. The course is 3 minutes from Torroella de Montgrí and only 10 minutes from Estartit (home to the Medes Islands). The area also boasts several campsites, excellent starting points for the multiple local excursions. Inspira’t has all the information you need to get started!

+ info about the Empordà Golf Club.

Full list of golf courses in Girona.

We’ve gone over the most enticing options for playing golf on a more demanding, technical level in Girona province. However, we’re aware this is very highbrow and not every reader has the required level. Let’s make things a bit easier and look at the best Pitch & Putt courses in the area. These are the options that Girona Campsites recommends:

After completing the list of the main golf courses with the Empordà Golf Club, we begin the Pitch & Putt list with a course just a few meters away: the par 3 in Gualta. This course has been voted the best in Catalonia on numerous occasions. The perfect spot for a morning/afternoon with the family, because, as well as golf, Padel facilities, a playground for children and a magnificent terrace for a drink or even lunch/dinner are all available. The course has 3 lakes in 3 different sectors: one facing the Montgrí mountain, the second with views of Pals, and the final one looking over the beaches of l’Estartit. A stunning spot! Click here for further information.

Moving on to Lloret de Mar, home to one of the flagship Pitch & Putt courses in the Costa Brava. As well as boasting numerous fantastic coves and beaches, Lloret also has golf courses and Pitch & Putt – not bad at all! Therefore, visitors can go to the beach first thing in the morning, enjoy lunch outdoors, then spend the afternoon playing golf. This is just one of hundreds of potential plans! Visit the Pitch & Putt website for Lloret.

The Mas Pagès Pitch & Putt is probably the best option if you’re looking for something a little bit different for the family. The farmhouse dates back to the 12th century and has been converted into holiday homes for rural tourism. A swimming pool, horseback riding, segway tours, and excursions in the region are all available, along with, of course: golf! Close to Banyoles (15 minutes from Girona and the beach), where there is a beautiful lagoon (look!).

While last week we reviewed the most eye-catching features in the city of Girona, this week we have explored the region’s sporting traditions. However, there are still several parts of Girona to unpack, and we can’t wait to do so. We’ll keep you up to date each week with activities to enjoy while on holiday. We’re sure you’ll love them!

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