Campsites open all year round

22 de October de 2021

The “Open 365” campsites

Would you like to be able to go camping at any time of the year? On the Costa Brava and in the Pyrenees, you can, because as well as those that only open during the summer season, you can also find campsites that are open all year round.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the campsites can be enjoyed at any time of year. With heated accommodation and all kinds of services, Girona’s campsites offer campers dream stays, in the heart of nature, providing unique moments with your family, partner or friends.

11 Girona campsites open all year round:

Camping on the Costa Brava and in the Pyrenees all year round:

What time of year would you like to go camping?

🍁 Campsites open in autumn:

With the good weather still with us, autumn is one of the best times of the year for enjoying Girona’s campsites. 

Staying on a campsite will help you switch off and enjoy yourself, surrounded by autumn-tinted landscapes and trees that are beginning to shed their leaves. And if you want to do some activities, you can – go on day trips, hunt for wild mushrooms, visit charming villages and taste the local cuisine.

❄️ Campsites open in winter:

When the cold and the first snowflakes whiten the mountains, Girona’s campsites are ideal for all campers who are seeking to reconnect with nature, while enjoying the campsites’ comforts and services at the same time. 

Can you imagine taking it easy in a comfortable bungalow after an exciting day’s skiing in the Pyrenees? That’s possible on Girona’s campsites!

Camping invierno

🌺 Campsites open in spring:

The good weather has come back, and nature is beginning to wake up. Spring is a great season for staying on a campsite, enjoying the warmth of the first rays of sunshine and connecting with nature and having fun doing outdoor activities. 

Spring is a good time to go hiking and biking, or to do adventure activities in the middle of nature. How about a walk along the Camins de Ronda footpaths along the Costa Brava, or horseback riding in the Pyrenees?

☀️ Campsites open in summer:

With the onset of the heat and the holidays around the corner, Girona’s campsites become fantastic holiday parks for the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. They are ideal accommodation for spending a few days of relaxation, recovery and fun. 

You will find most of Girona’s campsites are open in summer, and it’s a good time to take a dip at the Costa Brava’s fantastic beaches and coves, enjoy some water sports, and discovering the highest peaks in the Pyrenees. It’s also a great time to take in some culture, attending popular festivals and summer markets.

Campsite prices and calendars 

The prices for campsite accommodation vary depending on the services provided and the time of year. Prices in low season and midseason – autumn, winter and spring – are generally cheaper than in the high season – the summer months. 

Enjoy the campsites all year round

So now you know: you can go camping at any time of the year! Whether you want a long stay or enjoy a short getaway, at Girona’s campsites you can find accommodation to suit you, which means you can experience the region and enjoy the nature that complements it.

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