10 reasons to donate blood

31 de July de 2019

You have always thought about doing it, but, like every time, between work, friends and things to do every day … you have finally stayed among the things to do one day or another … Well, very bad!

We give you (or we remind you) ten reasons why you should go to donate blood (even better if in summer time?)


1- Donating blood is good! Exactly, donating blood, apart from making us happier, and better people … it makes us physically good!

2- If you donate blood you can save 3 lives?

3- Your donation is important: there is always someone who will need it!

4- Donating blood reduces the risk of developing diabetes type 2

5- Donating blood keeps you up to date with your analytics!

6- When you donate blood you feel psychologically better and happier

7- Donating blood regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

8- Donating blood makes you younger! The body, when it detects that it is reducing the blood level, regenerates new and clean blood!

9- Donating blood balances your iron levels.

10- Studies have found that donating blood makes you live longer (and happier, surely!)


Do you need more reasons? Seriously?

Ah … you cannot you because you’re going on holidays?

… Well, we give you two solutions:

1- Go to donate before leaving ?

2- If you go on vacation to Catalonia … This year you can donate blood in the Campings of Girona- Costa Brava- Pyrenees!

July and August in our #campingsolidari you will have the possibility to donate blood in the same campsite thanks to the Banc de Sang!

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