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Would you like to have your “second home” in Costa Brava?

26 de June de 2019

Would you like to have your “second home” in Costa Brava? Are you tired of travelling in your caravan twice a year because the trip is too long and quite expensive?

Maybe you can think of coming to Costa Brava in your caravan and leaving it there in winter, so that you could return whenever you want and enjoy Catalunya without having to travel for so many hours!

There are some perfect flights from Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam to Girona Costa Brava Airport  you can return home and above all there is a place where your caravan will be stored  as long as you are not, or as long as you want. You will not have to worry about anything, we’ll think about all . And when you get back you’ll have it there ready to start your camping holiday!

Parking Caravan Costa Brava is an outdoor parking that takes care of your caravan, your boat, trailers or camping accessories! And, if you like, there is another opportunity for you:  you can take your caravan to the campsite directly! (look at it on the website)

Moreover, you can take care of your caravan through different options , such as exterior washing, repairs and much more services that you can see here

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