With more than forty years of experience, Llagosnet is the distribution company of industrial cleaning products and articles with the most range of references in the region of Girona and Maresme.

Servicios Turísticos Heinze Latzke S.A.

SERVICIOS TURISTICOS HEINZE LATZKE S.A. offers a great range of tourism publications, camping guides, web pages for tourism in general and specialized in camping.

Grup Catalana Occident

Insurance agents and exclusive financial consultants from “Grup Catalana Occident”. We specialize in SMEs, the tourism sector.


Repsol is a global multi-energy company which is present throughout the entire value chain, and Repsol’s propane gas is an efficient and comprehensive solution for the hospitality and restaurant business.

Grup Darnés

After 60 years since its foundation, the Disbesa-Darnés Group is currently the distribution benchmark for the hospitality and food sector.

Camps Motor

Camps Motor is a family business located in Fornells de la Selva, which has over seventy years of experience in the automotive sector. It is currently the official Nissan dealer in Girona, and is run by the third generation of the same family, who work to preserve the traditional values of its early days: quality, trust and a close relationship with clients. 90% of the company specializes in the sale of new and used Nissan vehicles. Its new challenges for expansion and innovation also involve other business lines, including sales of Isuzu trucks, a line of electric motorcycles (Ecomobility Green World) under the Efun brand, and a camper van conversion service.

SEP Esports

S.E.P Esports Socorristas, is the first company in Catalonia dedicated exclusively to rescue and lifeguard in swimming pools, where it currently provides services in more than 50 facilities.

TEMATIC Arquitectura

TEMATIC Arquitectura was founded by the architect Rafael Tramullas Navarro in 1993. It is an architecture studio specialising in the world of leisure, including hotels, campsites, sports facilities, recreational swimming pools, spas, bars, restaurants, etc.


Dibosch is a professional cleaning company from Girona with 20 years’ experience and which has clients all over Catalonia.

GAP Serveis Turístics

Biotecnal is a leading industrial laboratory in its sector with more than 40 years of experience providing comprehensive services for quality assurance, in the food sector, tourist facilities, hospitality and catering.


The STAFF group consists of two companies. These are STAFF SEDO, manufacturers of equipment for changing rooms and service areas in phenolic material, and STAFF PISCINAS, specializing in the construction and design of all types of gunite swimming pools.

Energy Tools

Alzamora Gràfiques

Gràfiques Alzamora S.A. offers printing services across the whole range of graphics services, with the highest levels of quality and professionalism.


Qntrolplaga is a company specializing in pest control with full authorization for all types of services (Environmental Health, legionella, wood treatment and pesticides)