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A step-by-step guide to The Girona Campsite Association.

The Campsite Association of Girona was founded on 14th of April 1977 in Plaça Poeta Marquina no. 5 of Girona and its first President was Mr. Luis Roqué Guisset. The Association was set up in order to represent, defend, run and promote the shared business interests of its members. It later became a member of the Catalan Campsite Federation and the Spanish Federation of Campsite businesses in order to defend the interests of Girona at a national and state level.

The first board of directors consisted of Mr. Josep Lumbreras Mercader, Mr. Ramon Mestres Fullà, Mr. Josep Maria Lafuente Pallàs, Mr. Joan Farré Rius, Mr. Joaquim Vilahur Espígol, Mr. Leonci Cardoner Sala, Mr. Josep Ametller Gelabert, Mr. Manuel Clarà Massish, Mr. Jaume Veiret Blanch and Mr. Ricard Turón Turón.

After this initial stage, the association was run by the Presidents Mr. Josep Serra and later Mr. Jaume Genover, who presided over the boards of directors that governed during the 22 years he was in charge. It was also in this period that the official headquarters of the association were moved to Palamós. The final years of his presidency saw the Association return to the provincial capital, where it has remained until today at C/Bonastruc de Porta 15, in Girona.

The fourth President of the Association, Mr. Josep Maria Pla i Calsina, took over in September 2009, and he introduced a technical team to make the entity more professional. He decided to leave the Presidency after four years in charge. In September 2013, Mr. Miquel Gotanegra i Portell was chosen to be the 5th President of the entity, and he was re-elected unanimously once again in September 2017 by the Ordinary Assembly of Associates.

On 6 October 2014, Mr. Miquel Gotanegra i Portell was elected as President of the Federación Catalana de Càmpings, and from that time he has run this body from his offices at the Asociación de Campings de Girona.

Our objectives

  • Promotion

  • Training

  • Representation

  • Lobby

Board of directors

Today the Association is an entity which includes 73 associated campsites and represents more than 120,000 tourist beds in the province of Girona. This makes it the most important member of the Federación Catalana de Càmpings, and it represents some 25% of all the campsites in Spain. The work of the Association currently centres on offering advice to its associates at all levels, their promotion and international profile, continuous training and academic education in collaboration with the Faculties of Tourism in the Universities of Girona and Barcelona, and a constant presence within the senior institutional organs in order to defend its shared interests in these administrations.

These tasks are carried out by a team of 3 people who work full-time for the Association in close collaboration with the new Board of Directors. The current Board of Directors, presided by Mr. Miquel Gotanegra i Portell, is made up of Mr. Francesc Genover, Mr. Markus Rupp, Mr. Frederic Suñer, Mrs. Anna Banús, Mr. Josep Atmetller, Mr. Narcís Grau, Mrs. Marina Mestres, Mr. Toni Castellar, Mr. Josep Maria Pla and Mrs. Elisabet Guitart.


  • Mr. Miquel Gotanegra i Portell

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Josep Maria Pla as Vice-President
  • Mr. Narcís Grau as Treasurer
  • Mrs. Marina Mestres as Secretary
  • Mrs. Anna Banús as Director of Girocamping
  • Mr. Francesc Genover
  • Mr. Markus Rupp
  • Mr. Frederic Suñer
  • Mr. Toni Castellar
  • Mr. Josep Atmeller
  • Mrs. Elisabet Guitart

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