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Discover the campsites in the Costa Brava and Pyrenees region

Why visit Girona’s campsites?

Girona’s campsites are an excellent travel option for exploring the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, offering a wide range of accommodation at one with nature and a region with endless possibilities.

  • Nature

    A region of 1,000 landscapes
    Pristine beaches and coves with crystal clear waters shielded by rocky cliffs; plains, forests, and high mountains merge to create an area of great natural beauty.
  • Mountain

    The Pyrenees, a magical spot with imposing mountains and stunning valleys offering outdoor activities and mountain sports such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and much more!
  • Towns

    Discover charming villages, medieval towns and cities with impressive histories. Travelling from village to village unveils the heart and soul of the region and its friendly, welcoming people.
  • Culture

    Explore the culture of a region enhanced by a history spanning many civilizations, inspired by great artists and traditions that continue today through the local people.
  • Sea

    Costa Brava, the crown jewel of the Catalan coastline, showcases the Mediterranean experience in its purest form, with gorgeous beaches and coves featuring transparent, turquoise waters
  • Gastronomy

    Enjoy Girona’s food and wines, internationally renowned for showcasing the local flavours of the sea and mountains. Try each area’s traditional produce and learn about the importance of local production.