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Route through the Costa Brava lighthouses

23 de juni de 2023

In the Costa Brava we find emblematic lighthouses that remind us of the importance of the sea in this territory, many of them are still active and their location allows us to approach them to enjoy the environment and their views. Would you like to visit them?

Keep reading because we’ll discover them all for you! 👇

1. Sant Sebastià lighthouse – Palafrugell

We start with the Lighthouse of San Sebastià, which is located in the municipality of Palafrugell. One of the most recognized lighthouses of the Costa Brava, not only for its architectural uniqueness, but also for its privileged location on top of a hill in the form of a terrace, which makes it one of the most romantic spots to see the sunset and the magnificent views of the village of Llafranc.

You can get there on foot, by bike or by car; if you choose the latter option, you will find that when you reach the top of the hill, there are different parking spaces to park comfortably.

And if you want your visit to the Lighthouse of San Sebastià to be memorable, you can culminate the visit with an exquisite dinner at the Far Nomo restaurant or at the Far Hotel Restaurant.

El Far de Sant Sebastià, Palafrugell, Costa Brava
Sant Sebastià lighthouse, Palafrugell –

2. Cap de Creus lighthouse – Natural Park of Cap de Creus

Another of the mythical lighthouses of the Costa Brava is located in the imposing Natural Park of Cabo de Creus, at the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, from where it guides all vessels sailing in the area.

The Cap de Creus lighthouse is surrounded by the mystical aura of this place, sculpted by the characteristic tramuntana, the name of the wind that blows strongly throughout the Empordà, and especially in Cap de Creus where gusts of more than 100 km / h can be recorded.

The visit to the lighthouse of Cap de Creus is a must, and if you decide to go, we recommend spending a full day hiking around the area and ending with a good lunch or dinner at the Restaurant del Far de Cap de Creus, a place located near the lighthouse that offers freshly caught fish, rice and delicious dishes of the territory.

Far del Cap de Creus, Costa Brava
Cap de Creus lighthouse – Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona

3. Cala Nans lighthouse – Cadaqués

Without moving from the area of Cadaqués, we will find the Cala Nans lighthouse, historically one of the most important lighthouses of the territory by the activity that registered the port of the town.

To visit it, you can do it with a pleasant walk of about 6 km along the sea, from the promenade of Cadaqués. This short excursion is suitable for all ages thanks to the coastal path that facilitates access and offers magnificent views of Cadaqués.

Far de Cala Nans, Cadaqués
Cala Nans lighthouse – Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava

4. Punta S’Arenella lighthouse – Port de la Selva

We continue in the Alt Empordà, specifically between the towns of Port de la Selva and Llançà, from where we can walk along the beautiful coastal path to the Punta S’Arenella lighthouse, which is considered the first lighthouse of the Costa Brava.

If you are in the area, this excursion is 100% recommended, not only for the visit to the Punta S’Arenella lighthouse, but also for the incredible views of the town of Llançà over the sea.

And if you can not make the excursion on foot, you can also arrive by car, since in the area there is also a parking area that facilitates parking.

Far en Llançà, Port de la Selva
Punta S’Arenella lighthouse –

5. Tossa de Mar lighthouse

Located more than 70 m above sea level, in the fortified village of Tossa de Mar, we will find the Tossa de Mar lighthouse. Like most of the lighthouses of the Costa Brava, it is still active and stands out for its illumination that reaches more than 30 miles.

The lighthouse of Tossa de Mar not only stands out for its power, its location or its views; but it also stands out for being the headquarters of a museum, the Interpretation Center of Lighthouses of the Mediterranean, from where you can learn, didactically explained for all ages, the operation of these infrastructures so present on the Costa Brava, their evolution and the life of the ancient lighthouse keepers. Do not miss it!

Far de Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar lighthouse –

6. La Meda lighthouse – Illes Medes

We continue with the Meda lighthouse, probably one of the most inaccessible lighthouses of the Costa Brava due to its location in the Meda Gran of the archipelago of the Medes Islands located in l’Estartit. As a curiosity, it is explained that until 1923 there was a lighthouse keeper who lived on these lonely islands.

Despite its difficult access, you can see it if you approach the Medes Islands, either by boat or kayak, a highly recommended excursion to enjoy the beauty of this place and its rich seabed while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Faro Islas Medas
La Meda lighthouse – Wikipedia

7. Roses lighthouse

We travel to the fishing village of Roses, where the Roses lighthouse is located, specifically at Punta de la Pocella, a privileged spot in the town that marks one of the ends of the Bay of Roses.

According to historical records, this lighthouse was not the first one in the town of Roses, it was built to replace the original one that in the past was located in the area of Castell de la Trinitat.

Come to the lighthouse to contemplate the characteristic architecture of the lighthouses of the Costa Brava and the wonderful views of the sea.

Roses lighthouse – Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona

8. Punta del Molí lighthouse – Palamós

To finish with this list of lighthouses on the Costa Brava, there is the Punta del Molí Lighthouse located in Palamós. One of its main functions is to mark the boundary of the fishing port and to guide the boats in the area that there is “land in sight!”

One of the peculiarities of this lighthouse is the hexagonal shape of its tower, a figure not at all common in the lighthouses of the Costa Brava and the rest of Catalonia.

Far de Palamós
Punta del Molí lighthouse – Palamós

Do you already know which lighthouse you want to visit first? If you are in any of the towns we have mentioned above, do not hesitate to make a visit to the lighthouses of the Costa Brava, some constructions linked to maritime life and that are part of the character of the territory and the sea.

See you at the Girona Campsites!

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