7 de May de 2019

Finally, here we are, the long whished HOLIDAYS have arrived!

You have organized everything, the van is ready, all the things of the children are in their place, your’re ready to travel and just wait to get to the campsite and drink a cold beer in front of the sea … and …

wait a moment …. have you thought about the fridge?

WHAAAT? Do we have a fridge???

Well, we have already thought about your fridge. FRIGOS INN – is a company that thinks to everything: refrigerator rental with delivery service which collects directly on your plot in the campsite.  ? If you go camping on the Costa Brava, both in a caravan or in a tent don’t forget to enjoy the comfort and benefits of a fridge and use our refrigerator rental service. Your refrigerator will be delivered to you on your camping plots and will be ready to use.

Visit and pick up before leaving. Your fridge will be delivered to your camping site at the same time and we will pick it up before you leave the camping.

The Frigos INN service can be enjoyed at the campsites of Sant Pere Pescador and Castelló, such as Les Dunes, Nautic Almata, Amfora, Aquarius (complete list) and now also at Cypsela, Playa Brava, Inter Pals at Mas Patoxas.

For any questions or questions, contact us on the page here! Do you go camping and have not thought about appliances? Well that’s what FRIGOS INN thinks ?

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