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The best campsite swimming pools to enjoy with the family: adventure and fun guaranteed

24 de Juli de 2023

The campsites of the Costa Brava and Girona’s Pyrenees are well known for the high quality of their installations and services and their surroundings and excellent locations. Awarded as some of the best campsites in Europe, and most of them being family friendly, they have the most amazing swimming pools you can imagine: it feels like having a water park inside the campsite! We can’t think of a better place to spend the next unforgettable vacation with the kids.

There are plenty of campsites to choose in Girona, and depending on your preferences you will find the best one for your stay: in the mountains or by the sea? Close to the towns or in isolated locations? Big resorts with fun activities or small campsites with a quiet atmosphere? Is the swimming pool (or more than just one!) a must for you? If the pool is part of your summer dream, keep reading because we are about to tell you about some of the most stunning campsite pools in the area.

In the campsites of Girona, swimming pools are more than just a place to cool off, they are real highlights: centers of fun, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.These pools are a true delight of crystal-clear waters, very well-maintained and blend in with the natural surroundings, adding to the charm of your stay. With amazing slides and games, some can be considered aquatic parks! Dip your toes into the refreshing water, and the worries of the world seem to fade away.


For those who relate water with fun, choose one of the campsites with slides and games that offer a fun and thrilling experience for both kids and adults. If you are looking for some excitement, look no further than the thrilling water slides and enjoy the adrenaline and the final splash! It’s a great way to have a blast with family and friends.

Who said water parks are only for kids? Travel back to your childhood and do something you will remember for the rest of your life: as simple as going down a water slide, embrace the fun and be part of the best summer memories.


Families with babies and toddlers will find the campsites of Girona welcoming, as they offer special pools where the youngest children can play in the water safely under the watchful eye of their parents. The little ones will have the time of their lives in the shallow kiddie pools, with games and small slides perfect for their ages. It’s a great place for kids to have fun and make new friends, and for parents to relax nearby and see their kids have fun knowing their children are enjoying themselves with no risks around.


Boredom is good sometimes… But if you don’t feel like stopping at all during your camping vacation, join a session of aqua gym, a match of water polo or some zumba by the pool! The swimming pools and their surrounding areas are the perfect meeting points full of fun and activity in the campsites, and become the spot where fellow travelers turn into friends.

If swimming pools are the perfect environment for all kids, those in the campsites of Girona are even better: activities and games are planned all day long, so it will be hard to make kids leave the pool area!


If you prefer to slow down and have a really relaxing time during your camping vacation, don’t worry, there are also quiet pools you will love. Some of the campsites have quiet pools where you can unwind and enjoy the silence in a quiet atmosphere. These areas will become your paradise to just relax and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day.

And if you want to take your relaxation to the next level, the campsites of the area with the Wellness seal offer wellbeing services and treatments, including facilities with spas, jacuzzis, saunas, heated swimming pools and massages, and yoga and meditation sessions on the beach.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the Costa Brava and want to make the most of your vacation, consider staying at some of these campsites with the best swimming pools. They provide a simple and enjoyable way to relax and have a memorable time during your stay. Are you ready to dive into the experience of a lifetime?

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